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Spanish Oaks is a small farm of Twenty acres, located in Metamora, Michigan.
It all began in 1971 with our first horses. The children showed in 4 H and it just went on from there. I purchased my first Quarter Horse, Moon Clipper. Many years later my husband, Bruce and I had a boarding farm called Spanish Oaks, (farm named after Clippers Sire, Spanish Clipper and the one huge Oak Tree that stood near the barn. (aka Spanish Oaks)
We decided to sell the farm and at that time Clipper was our only horse. I decided he needed a companion. I had seen Minis and thought they were adorable. In the fall of 1997 I was lucky enough to purchase my first Mini (Scamp)..then the harness, cart and we were on our way. Scamp was such a wonderful little guy, multi talented...that the show bug started all over again.
A friend and I recused 3 mares, two were sold and one I kept. She was broke to drive and shown one summer. She is now in a wonderful home in Oxford, Mi.
Then came Cody, Adonis and Gracie. They just seem to grow on you....can't just have ONE. Famous words in Mini language!
I am truly blessed with a husband that supports me in my adventures. For all the building, stalls, fences, for taking care of the ones left at home during show season.
Linda Van Derver..for showing me my first Mini.
Trudy Burmann for feeding, cleaning, and taking care of the little ones when we are gone.
Enjoy your visit to my web site!